Cel 1Ghz vrs PIII 800Mhz?

I have a Tyan Tigercub 100 that will only do 100Mhz FSB. Which CPU would do better with 2D games (Mostly Age of Empires or the like)? A $122.00 800Mhz at 100FSB Pent III, or 1000Mhz Celery for $64.00? I also have a Abit Slotket.
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  1. As far as I know, the PIII 850MHz is the fastest which runs at a 100MHz FSB. And I too am curious as to how these chips would perform as compared to one another - although my main application is recording.
  2. My hunch is that the greater L2 cache on the Tualatin Celeron would help more than the better FPU on a P3.

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  3. 100 FSB is great for OCing

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  4. It's only good for OC'ing if your motherboard can support a FSB of greater than 100 MHz. If my MB could do that, I'd just buy a faster CPU. :)

    And the 1GHz Celeron is the Tualatin core?
  5. I THINK it is, but I'm not totally sure.

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  6. I thought it was any Celeron greater than 1GHz...

    But there's so little info out there, it's hard to tell.

    Gotta love those $69-ish prices on Pricewatch, though. Too bad they aren't for real.
  7. Only the 1.2 Celeron has the Tualatin core and uses the FC-PGA2 style connection. Up to 1.1 is still the FC-PGA connection according to http://support.intel.com/support/processors/celeron/24766.htm
    which means the 1 Ghz only has a 128KB Cache.

    I have bought plenty using pricewatch prices, you may have to pick and choose your companies a little but you should be able to buy the 1Ghz for less then $80 and then about $10 for shipping.

    I too would love to see someone figure out the fastest 100Mhz FSB chip. I think a dual between the 1Ghz Cel and 800Mhz PIII would be interesting (since the 1.1 and 850 are harder to find and cost more) to a lot of people trying to upgrade older boards without the ability to go beyond 100Mhz FSB.
  8. Only the 1.2 Celeron has the Tualatin Core. Check out
    That means only a 128KB cache, would you still go with the Celeron?

    PS check out my response to Jason.
  9. I'm in a collapsed view, so I can see both responses at once.

    No, I wouldn't still go with the Celeron. The P3 would be better.

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