computer won't stay off! got any ideas!?

My computer is being a gay homo ... i go and turn it off and it comes back on! I try and say to go in hybernation and it did the samething. I put it in hybernate and like less then a minute later it turns back on... i'm just like wtf .. i literally have to turn the switch off in the back of the power supply to keep it off!

anyone have any ideas of wtf is going!?

check out my rig for specifics of what my computer is! thanks!

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  1. Make sure that in the mainboards BIOS that: power up on external modem, Wake on LAN or PCI modem, and wake on USB for Suspend to RAM state is Disabled. Also check to make sure that an automatic power up feature is disabled in the BIOS as well.

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  2. ahhh sweet never thought of that will look at it later!

    thanks a lot!

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  3. Is "gay homo" the technical explanation for the problems you're having? :)

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