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Hi all

I have a Samsung Q330-JS03AU laptop.

I know that I will be able to get a new battery.

The current battery is the one that came supplied.
Power: DC11.1V -- 48Wh (4400mAh)

I wonder if there is any battery that has a higher capacity for this laptop, therefore will be able to power the laptop for longer times?

Also, how do I find out how many cells does the battery have?

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  1. Hello edmond419;

    You should be able to find the technical details you want in one of the Samsung Q330 reviews:
    Samsung Q330 Notebook reviews
  2. I've seen some listings for another Samsung Q330 battery - an E model with 5900 mAh rating.
    Samsung AA-PL1VC6B/E - 1 x Lithium Ion 6-cell 5900 mAh - Laptop battery

    But it's doesn't seem to be listed on the Samsung website anymore - even if it is mentioned on the Q330 webpage
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  3. Is there any other place?
  4. You can try google shopping.
    Your other option is to get a 2nd standard battery and rotate them.
  5. So I can't a extended battery in any way at all now? I need a higher capacity than a standard battery
  6. Yes you can get an extra capacity battery.
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  8. It says it fits Q330-JA01UK ... I have a JS03AU model. That is OK too?

    And also that's the largest capacity possible?
  9. That's an AU shop. Call 'em up and ask them.
  10. Also ask them when the battery pack was manufactured. You don't want to buy a pack that's been sitting on the shelf a long time.
  11. ok thank you :)
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