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Windows 7 and creative soundblaster live!

For anyone that already knows the windows ( seven ) going to support soundblaster live! or\and soundblasterlive 5.1 this time, contrary to vista?

I know that these are somewhat oldschool, but they are still great!
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    This is not an issue with Vista or 7. What happened is Creative purposely did not provide any drivers to enable their older products to run on the newer versions of Windows. Why, you ask? To force people to buy new sound cards.

    So do Creative the favor, and buy a new sound card: Just... not a Creative one.

    My Asus Xonar is most excellent.
  2. I agree, any company that fails to support it's product deserves to die a slow and painfull death for trying to stick it to their customers.
  3. I thought it was microsoft that stopped supporting older creative hardware...what a lame tactic that is!
    I was avoiding buying a new sound card because this is that part of your computer that can last a really long time (with drivers that is.)
    Maybe i will do myself a favor and get a new sound card, not creative this time.
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