Multiple explorer.exe and other errors

Hey fellow users,

this is how it happened,

I wanted to install something in my laptop, but, DVD drive is NOT THEREin My Computer. So, I think that I should relaunch
explorer.exe. then, bad things start to happen, all icons is gone and the icons change to "Folder" icon. If I want to open something in taskbar, it will be endless loading.

And in my task manager, it is flooded with explorer.exe (800-900 processes)

I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate 64 build 6.1
I cant update because if I launch Windows update, it will freeze.

What shall I do to fix this problem?

Thank you. :)
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  1. My laptop : ASUS A55VM

    core i5 3210m
    750g HDD
    4gb ram
    geforce gt630m 2gb ddr3
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