Can you surf the web with both monitors

can you surf the web on both monitors at the same time on two different links? For example, the one program we need to run all the time is web based, so therefore is one open for the web. The second monitor we wanted to use to look for parts based on the information we had in front of us on the first monitor. So therefore we need to view another page via the web. Any thoughts besides going with two complete computer systems instead of one with two monitors?
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  1. Yes you should be able to do this with no problems. Just hook both monitors up to the video card.
  2. Laptop: Extended Desktop ...laptop screen plus monitor.

    Desktop: You can use two monitors if your motherboard supports it. I always use Extended desktop so I can move things between the two monitors. Very easily done.
  3. I'm doing that at this very moment over three screens.

    Just hook up a 2nd monitor to the computer (making sure it can support it, but most will) and configure it in Windows so that your cursor moves between them correctly and establish which is the Primary.
  4. YES... you can use two (or more monitors) at once. I have four 20-inch monitors hooked up to my desktop... sometimes I surf the web using ALL monitors.

    Back in 2004 when I installed a Geforce FX 5500 and hooked up two monitors, I have never gone back to using just one. Using more monitors speeds up my usage (it limits the number of times I have to minimize/switch between open applications). The multi-monitor technology extends the desktop view.
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