When to Upgrade? And Where to buy?

I am a newbie at this forum so i would ask couple of questions.
I am thinking of upgrading my system but i dont know if it is time or not.
Secondly i would like to know good place on the net where i can buy a hardware. BTW i live in canada so i will need online shop that could ship to canada.
My System spects.
P!!! 733
224Mb of Ram
40+8 gig harddrives both 5400rpm
Kyro 2 Video Card
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  1. Hi there, I aswell live in Canada, I'm in the Toronto Area though I don't know what area you are in.
    I Do however know of 2 places that sell stuff online, and have onlien price qoutes etc.


    both great places.....

    check them out..

    BTW it all depends on what you want...

    Personalyl I recomend that AMD Ahthlon XP Processor, and at Premiere Computer Cananda (www.pccanada.com) they have them IN-STOCK...
    If your goign the AMD Route, get the Athlon XP hooked up with a VIA KT266 or a SiS 735 Chipset..

    If your goign to wait for the Northwood Pentium 4 then your goign to have to wait till January now I believe.....

    Anyways, check them out and good luck! =)

    -MeTaL RoCkEr
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  2. YOu have a nice system, I wouldn't change a thing!

    Back to you Tom...
  3. I think a good rule of thumb for general pc users(not addicts like me or many other thg forum junkies) Is to upgrade when the speed of the top cpu is about 2x the speed of your current cpu. His 733 is decent for running games at 800x600, but pretty soon it will begin to age, and now is a GREAT time to buy computers. Prices are rock bottom and performance is king, and for those of us who work in the pc industry(sales, fabrication etc etc) we should encourage people to upgrade so we can perhaps keep our jobs ;-).

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  4. Is there something that your system is not doing fast enough? As Crash says you system is fine. It is hardly state of the art anymore but it is fine. Have you ever heard of Moore's law?

    From Intel:
    Gordon Moore made his famous observation in 1965, just four years after the first planar integrated circuit was discovered. The press called it "Moore's Law" and the name has stuck. In his original paper, Moore predicted that the number of transistors per integrated circuit would double every 18 months. He forecast that this trend would continue through 1975. Through Intel's technology, Moore's Law has been maintained for far longer, and still holds true as we enter the new century. The mission of Intel's technology development team is to continue to break down barriers to Moore's Law.

    The point is that so long as Moore's law remains in effect the longer you wait to upgrade the better, faster and cheaper your new system will be. So the best time to buy a new system is just before you can't stand your old system anymore.

    With everything getting better all the time it is always a good time to buy in a way. Touble is no matter when you buy in year or two your new system will look like junk compared to the even newer stuff that will be out.

    Mostly it depends on your needs and budget. Since you asked our collective opinion I suspect you are looking for an excuse to buy a new system. In that case, LakeDude says: "Now is the best time to buy, don't wait another minute."

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  5. Yes i live in Toronto Area.
  6. In general, an upgrade should be done when you set several personal criteria.

    I usually set it to when I can get X performance increase for Y Price. That lets you stand by and not spend the money till your criteria is met. It takes an iron will at times though to not go out and buy things immediately.

    If you watch prices carefully, like on Pricewatch.com and such, you'll know when you can get the best bang for your buck for what you need your computer to do.

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  7. Not my job! I sell slower systems than his refurbished. Every fast system that hits the used market is one less chance for me to sell a slower system. If sales remain slowed to their current rates long enough eventually manufacturing will adjust. Job loss turns into job transition for the less competitive. If you look at how lean companies try to operate, you can see that individuals could do many of the same things, preserving natural resources and reducing waste.

    Back to you Tom...
  8. doesnt canadian tyre have a good range of hardware like powertools, lumber, and electrical goods?
    *silly grin*

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  9. If I were you I would wait a few months before you upgrade unless you really think you need to. What you have is a good system even for new games.
  10. You live in Canada, land of the Eskimo. Put on a coat, open your window and crank your FSB up to 150.
  11. Shouldn't he try sticking his comp in a freezer for better results and no snow inside the house?

    Crank your system up to 3 Ghz or something and have fun

    60 FPS, 70 FPS, 80 FPS Crash!
    Daylight comes and I have to go to work :frown:
  12. It was me, not Crashman who said that...
    Well, liek i stated before, go to

    Both places have great stuff, check 'em out and like i said b4 u can order online...

    -MeTaL RoCkEr
    My <font color=red> Z28 </font color=red> can take your <font color=blue> P4 </font color=blue> off the line!
  13. lol, Toronto isn't that cold. It goes up to 40oC outside in the summer!

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  14. If you live in the Toronto Area, the best store is probably <A HREF="http://www.canadacomputers.com" target="_new">Canada Computers</A>

    AMD technology + Intel technology = Intel/AMD Pentathlon IV; the <b>ULTIMATE</b> PC processor
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