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Hi there,
I start University in September and I am looking at buying a laptop or netbook but I personally know very little about laptops and their specs. I built my own PC, which I thankfully have more knowledge about, but I need something mobile to take with me to lectures and such. Ideally I would like as long battery life as possible, a very fast and responsive computer (I'd be open to Ubuntu, thoughts?). Gaming isn't a necessity as I have my PC, but I'd definitely welcome the ability to play some less demanding games, I know this isn't really possible with Ubuntu but I'm weighing up my options. My home PC has an AMD 1090T but I'd like to try out the new generation Intel processors for my laptop, with regards to graphics I'd like to try out nVidia as well. Brand wise I like the look of HP but I'm open to pretty much any brand as long as the laptop itself has good reviews and recommendations. My price range is around £600-£700, obviously the cheaper the better but if there is an amazing laptop knocking about for £750 let me know.
Thanks guys.
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  1. Having a look around myself and I saw this which looks to be pretty much what I'm after, really cheap too:
    (can't find out battery life anywhere though)

    Anyone have any thoughts or info on this particular laptop, or any better alternatives?
    Thanks again
  2. spec-wise, it's a decent laptop, but 15.6"? you really want to lug 15", 2kg to class with you?

    and you won't be able to do much gaming on that one, but given that you already got a desktop, don't bother getting a gaming laptop, it's not worth it, because you desktop will be better any day.
  3. OK. Thanks for info. You think I should get an 11" then? Something lighter too... Any suggestions?
  4. there should be decent 13" laptops out there. I'm sorry I haven't looked around in that area myself, but I think if you plan to be bringing the thing to class, get something that's in 12"-14" range. Typically you can get decent hardware in those, they will wight about the same as a 15" but be smaller so they will take up less space in your bag/on desk.

    you want to try new intel processors
    look into getting i3 or i5, also try to get 2nd gen (the 2000 series processors, they should be more efficient)
    gpu, nvidia has a GT 500 line, which typically gets put into laptops

    look at Lenovo (idea pad probably), Toshiba (Satellite or Protege)
    I can't find anything between 10-14" for Dell, and lowest 14" is like 5lbs, definitely don't need that one.
    hp has a very bad selection website, so i couldn't get very far there. see what you can find on amazon
    sony vaio, take a look at Mobility:S or Everyday:E (Sony Website)
    Asus, have a look at these: K43E, N43Jf, U41JF, U31JG.
    Samsung doesn't seem to have any good options either.
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