What do you think of my soon to be computer?

I've been wanting to put together a new computer system for a while now. Today I stumbled across www.accessmicro.com, and tried out there barebone system configurator. Everything was going great until I went to AMD's website and found out some of the parts I wanted to buy haven't been validated. The Kingston PC2100 DDR RAM and IN-WIN S506 Power Supply are nowhere to be found on the configuration lists. Are these faulty parts? Is the AMD Configuration list all it's cracked up to be? My dream system was coming together so nicely before this. By the way, How many sticks of non-ecc ram can the KT266A chipset handle?
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  1. got a friend using Kingston PC2100 DDR. its ok.

    no idea about that powersupply... i reccomend you get a proper name brand PSU. that will remove any uncertainty. enermax by prefrence.
    generic PSU's vary greatly in quality and how many amps they can put out. beware.
    do u have any data on that PSU?

    As for your DDR ram question...
    due to the design of motherboards, chipsets and DDR, most DDR motherboards can only take 2 Non registered, Non ECC sticks of DDR ram.
    possibly 3 for some chipsets, but i highly doubt it.
    should you need 3 sticks you will have to get Registered ram.
    you dont want ECC ram as it is very expensive and actually slower due to the error correction algorithms. ECC ram is primarily used for supercomputers and servers where data integrity is everything.

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  2. in-win uses sparkle psu's. also too, amd's "recommendation lists" are a good tool, but i don't think are written in stone. for eg. my psu isn't on amd's list, but i think it's more than enough to run my box. also too, heatsinks, i have a swiftech mcx370, won't find it on amd's list, but it's a hella block.
  3. yeah... thats AMD "reccommended"
    like the dual fan psu... its nice to have, but definately not essential.

    sparkle is ok.
    so too is the mcx-370. excellent chunk of aluminium... tad noisy though

    Is that a Northwoody in your pocket or are you just eXPited to see me?
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