This computer has sit around for about 6 months not being used much. in fact it it 2 years old and has never been used a lot. yesterday I went to delete AVG and Then install and delete ASVAST. I settled on Panda Cloud and installed it. Since all of that it has been very erratic and I began getting messages that it would not start windows 7. I tried re-booting from a restore point and that kept going around in circles for 15+ minutes. It just would not re-boot. This morning I was able to get it to reboot and my desktop came on followed right away by an error message "GfxUI has stopped working". Any thoughts on why that happened and how I can repair it? When I say erratic, I mean the mouse pad getting hung up. Is GfxUI driver? If so how can I repair the problem. What driver is it? Will it help to download a new one and where do I find it. As of now it seems to be working. At least I am able to write this. Hopefully it will let me send it.

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  1. GfxUI is the user-interface included with the driver for the Intel on-board graphics adapter.

    Since GfxUI requires the Microsoft .NET Framework software, it may be that which needs re-installing.
    Only problem is I'm not sure which version of .NET Framework is required for GfxUI.
    I think it version 4.0, here:
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