Athlon XP 1800 Operating Temperature


I've just built a new system as follows:

Asus A7V266-E Mobo
Athlon XP 1800+
512MB PC2100 CL2.5
Asus V8200 Graph

The thing I'm wondering is the temperature it's running at. I had three Heat sinks to play with and the best one keeps the processor ticking at about 60 degs and stressed it goes up to 67-68. That seems hot to me. One of the heatsinks I tried used to keep my Athlon 1400 in the 40s but it wandered up to 70 on the XP.

The Asus Mobo seems to think that 75 degs is when it should start getting worried.

Living in Hong Kong, the ambient temperature tends to be about 30 degrees and yes I do have aircon but tend to leave it off because of noise.

Apart from telling me that it's running hot, if it's happy at that temperature, then I've got no problem with it. The question is, what is safe comfortable temperature for the 1800 XP?

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  1. OK the CPU die is supposed to withstand operation at up to 90C. But your processor will become unstable at a lower temp than that. So generally speaking, if your not suffereing from instability, your fine.

    Back to you Tom...
  2. A: the asus mobos temp software sucks, get mbm.
    b: crash is right, and I will say it again, if it dosent lock up it is FINE.

    "The Cash Left In My Pocket,The BEST Benchmark"
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