i can't drive 55, but my cpu can

well i got my new mobo and heatsink. couldn't wait til my new cpu came (it's the weekend and i got new hardware :D) now i don't see how installing a heatsink can be this difficult, i've done far more complicated things than this. the problem is, i have a swiftech mcx370 w/delta fan. first time, i thought i might have put too little asII, and it showed, running in the mid to upper 60's. so i took it off, cleaned it, did it back up and now the second time around it's a steady 55 C idle :frown: i got lower temps than this with my retail heatsink. not sure at all what to do now, cept try again, sigh. well i guess it could've been worse maybe. could've fried it on the first try :frown: anyone know any common flaws people do? thanks.
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  1. well u sound like u know what your doing... so we can dispense with certain questions...
    what i WILL ask is:

    1. mobo manufacturer & make
    2. method & software your using to calculate these temps
    3. case temp & room temp

    as for common flaws... too much arctic silver.
    ive seen pics where its an allmost transparent layer... bugger all infact.

    with the phrase "half a grain of rice" being overgenerous.
    when you have 2 very flat surfaces, very little is needed.

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  2. gigabyte ga-7vtxp just got it, other than the cpu temp, i really like it. going off the bios so far, just got mbm will install it shortly. one time i booted up and went right to bios, cpu started off at 45 C (which i sorta think still is high for this heatsink maybe?) and watched it climb all the way to 54 C in about 5min. case temp is 29 C and the room i'd say is quite lower, bout 10-12 C. the first time i did it, i wasn't sure if the heatsink was applying enough pressure, so those two things combined i redid it. though the heatsink is nice and toasty.
  3. k, i looked at mbm. it gives me 3 possible sensors i can use. one shows a reading of 41 C, the second as 54 C and the third as -55 C (which i doubt).
  4. is the papst fan more tolerable? this delta is out of hand. i don't mind the level of the noise, but it's the pitch of it.
  5. k, after 4 attempts, the lowest i've been able to get it is 52C, this is just pissing me off now. does anyone have this hs? does it matter how far you loosen the screws? i thought i had em unscrewed quite a bit. i dunno i must be a lot dumber than i thought.
  6. Few things:
    I have MCX370. It's not the best obverall, but it's the
    best all aluminum HSF (it contains NO Cu). Mine has
    Papst (spelling?) fan.
    First, DO NOT USE thermal grease that comes with. It's the
    cheapest piece of sh*t imaginable. I used it at first, and
    my temps were too high (mid 50s). After swiching to
    ArcticSilver, they went down to high 40s (w/ my 'old' TBird
    1200 OCed to 1400, 1.85V)
    Right now, I have 1.4 AYHJA OCed 1575, 1.85V, room temp 20C,
    CPU temp 50C. Under load, add 3C. MOBO temp is 30C.
    Second, Papst fan (spelling?) is noisy, but it's low
    frequency. Closed case is enough to silence it.

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  7. Hmmm ok...I'm guessing that 41C is your case temperature, 54C is your CPU temperature, and -55C is a sensors that just isn't connected to anything (the VIA 686x southbridge contains three sensors; it's up to motherboard manufacturers as to where and how to use them).

    41C is way too hot for ambient temperature. With the case temps like that, I'm not surprised your CPU is running so hot! In fact, I'm surprised it's not running hotter...if those temperatures are real, then your heatsink is actually working very, very well.

    My guess is the case doesn't have enough airflow.


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  8. in bios it says my system temp is about 27C, which i think is correct, because sisoft reports it at 30C and both that and bios show my cpu temp at 52-54C. and i would and have only use asII. and under full load it shoots up to 64-65C using toast. i got all my ribbons spliced and tied together, with in front/lower intake sunon, one back/mid exhaust sunon, then enermax dual fan psu. everything i have in the case now, i had when i was using the retail hsf (but a different mobo).
  9. well, i switched out the mcx for the retail again. same temps, 55C both in bios and MBM5.
  10. Myabe this might sound Crazy, but what if the actual ZIFF Socket (the CPU Plug) is somehow mis-shaped and/or warped a tiny fraction that you cannot really notice BUT it makes the HSF sit a TAD incorrectly on the CPU and is not giving optimum contact to the CPU...

    What were ur temps. with the same processor on r old Board ?!?

    Id just exchange the board for another.......even if its not the problem its worth a shot i would say...

    BTW have u tryed updating the Bios to latest ?? soem bios's make the board report incorect temps.

    Just a thaught.....

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  11. ya, i just flashed the latest bios last nite. my temps on the old board were about 49-50C idle and about mid 50's under load. it was the retail hsf with the thermal pad they provide. i just don't see how i could possibly screw this up this many times. grrrr!!!!
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