Building new system - NEED HELP!!

Hello folks....

I am building a new system from scratch,... all components from

Finally got all the pieces yesterday, and started assembling..

Everything was in place, hit the power button, nothing.... *sigh*

The troubling thing is i didnt even get the basic pc speaker beeps... i have no warning information to go on... the thing simply wouldnt register at all....

the mother board led lit up... all the case fans spun... the cpu fan spun... but there was never any 3 1/2 access,.. hd didnt spin up... its like it 'died' at a very base level...

here are the components, please let me know if there is something that looks incompatible in the list....

oh, and my initial thoughts were that the mb was fried, or the processor... both have replacements on the way... shipped the 'bad' ones out yesterday afternoon...

enermax case| 10b server atx fs-710b - upgraded power supply (330wt)
via kt266a|4p4d vt8233 atx shuttle
teac 3 1/2
usrobotics 56k modem
pioneer slot dvd
athlon xp 1800+
2 256 meg corsair pc-2400 sticks
lite on 24x10x40 cdrw
sb live! 5.1
western digital 60gb hd

any information on what could possible be wrong would be most appreciated...


working with one of my colleagues, we started removing items and attempted to boot....

first started removing cards (modem, sound, etc.)... no luck

disconnected drives (3 1/2, dvd, cdrw)... no luck

removed on stick of ram... no luck

rearranged memory... no luck

disconnected fan from mb... reconnected... no luck

pulled off cpu fan... pulled off processor, reapplied thermal paste, reset processor, reset fan,... no luck

we werent getting ANY sort of beeps or any indication that anything was working except for the powersupply fan, case fans, and led on the mb....<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by dalin on 10/27/01 02:09 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
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  1. Did you test it outside case (to be sure it doesn't touch case metal and causes it short) to see if can boot up?

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  2. no... we didnt try that...can you elaborate?
  3. sometimes, the metal standoffs you use to maintain some clearance between the board and the sideplate, migth touch some part of the board and short it to the chassis.

    that is why we say you remove the board from the chassis, lay it on a clean floor and power it up. most of the times it should!

    if you have got some thin bakelite washers in the screw bag, use them to fit the standoffs. else use minumum standoffs as possible, just around the places where the board could face some pressure, like RAM modules, slots, IDE and FD connectors.

    that should help.


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  4. you should really diconnect all the connectors from the PSU and reconnect them, try going over all the jumpers and see if there is one connected incorrectly.

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  5. Did you insert your CPU all the way? Sometimes it requires
    just a little preasure.

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