I have a computer which i got a couple of days ago, the first thing i did was connect wireless adaptor computer worked fine then i tried to install nvidia grapics card, when i turned computer on after installing grapics card computer would not turn on so i took it out and computer worked fine so i went to nvidia website and found driver using product number and model number and downloaded driver tried to install grapics card and computer wouldn't turn on.
so removed graphics card and reset bios tried one more time but computer would not turn on with graphics card installed.
now when i turn on computer the computer will freeze seconds after loading windows, i used system restore to restore to time i knew computer was working but computer freezes everytime approximately 10 secs after loading windows.
the computer is fine in safe mode and i have deleted the nvidia driver but the same problem happens.
i have tried updating drivers and rollback drivers but neither worked and now i can't access windows update, or run programmes.
i have ran chkdsk and sfc chkdsk was clear and sfc scannow found and fixed some errors but still the same issue computer works fine in safe mode but freezes just after windows loads
i went into msconfig and used selective startup and booted without every service and startup that wasn't microsoft rebooted and forze just after windows loaded so removed microsoft services as well after which the computer booted and stayed on but without internet or sound, so after several reboots narrowed it down to
services:power manufacturer:microsoft when this is ticked computer will freeze when it is not i have no interrnet or sound

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  1. try updating the mb bios a lot of the z77 chipset had patches for the nvida 600/670 and no post issue.
  2. i can't find the right bios and came accross warnings not to do it unless you sure evrything works in safe mode just not when windows starts
  3. How many watts is the psu? That may be the issue with the graphics card not allowing boot. Is it possible for you to do a clean install of windows?
  4. i changed some stuff nt quite sure exactly what i did but it will stay on now only problem is it will crash if playiing video fullscreen one thing i know i did was change something in bios from raid rrebooted didn't wotkchanged it back i'm pretty sure it is driver related but have tried driver updaters and unitstalled recent drivers now only real problem seems to be driver has failed error when in fullscreen sometimes will get blue screen other times will just crash and recover over and overthe power supply is 240w the computer grapics card originally in was 220w
  5. I would definitely say the power supply is part of the problem if not THE problem. I don't believe you said which graphics card you have but even lower end graphic cards recommend at least 300-350 watts. I would start with a new/upgraded psu then go from there. A low power supply can cause odd issues and since you have an add on graphics card you should have a higher watt psu to begin with.
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