Is it the CPU?

Sorry everyone... this is a long story..
I am in the "middle" of trying to upgrade my PC...... I have bought the following by mail order:
An ATX case with 300 watt power supply
FIC AD11 motherboard - absolutely the latest... it even has a fan on the Northbridge... not any lesser heatsink!!!
1x256MB DDR 2100 RAM - Samsung chips... identified by SiSoftSandra as Micron
A 64 MB GeForcs 2 MX 400 graphics card
40GB Maxtor HDD
1.33 GB AMD 266 FSB with Taisol 60x60 Fan
... this together with my CD-ROM and floppy drive + W98SE I attempted to put together last week.........
... but problems I have had.. I would now like to explain and hope that some very kind and knowledgable person will be able to help...

When I first powered it up... no problem... I installed W98, and started to put other software on..but at some stage during the installation of the drivers from the CD-Pro disc I think it hiccuped, and the CD-Rom drive disappeared...... so I had to start again.... by the way I set up the BIOS as per one of the reports on the FIC AD11 that appears either on Anandtech or Tom's.. or one of the others... nothing untoward at all... but then I may be unaware of something being the cause of what followed...
... whenit was all re-installed I ran 3DMark 2000 and 2001, and SiSoft Sandra 2001 to get an idea of how good it was... no problems at all...... it was around this time that the PS2 mouse "disappeared"...... couldn't get it back at all, haaaad to use my PS2 to serial adapter and use the serial port... it has never re-appeared or be found since... and yes it does appear under the interrupts in the right place..... it was about this time I noticed that if I left the sytem switched off over night that when switched on next day it booted straight from the switch on at the plug!!!.... but I later found that if I shutdown from Windows and then switched off the plug, then switched it back on for anything up to several hours (but not over night!!) that didn't happen!!!
So anyway, I came home another day wanting to get on with setting up the rest of the system.... and during one set-up procedure, when I had to restart... the keyboard disappeared!!!!... so what do I do now I thought... not much you can do when it doesn't even reach the post test and there's no keyboard...!!....... when I tried to re-boot, just after the point where you can DEL to BIOS it gives a message keyboard error or keyboard not found.. and we go no further... so I cleared CMOS and tried again... nothing!!.. so I'm stuck!!.... and go to bed...
.. after a disturbed night I get up and think just before I go to work....... I'll just try again... and guess what... it's back!!!!.. great .. I thought .. case solved .. although it wasn't 'cos I hadn't a clue why!!!.. anyway when I came home I thought I'd carry on installing software..... so I did and when it came to re-boot... no keyboard again... and that's the position.. I rang the people I bought it from and they made suggestions but they didn't take into account that these problems occur before it even gets to the POST test really.. actually it must be during this test... and with no keyboard it goes no further.... surely it can't be coincidental that both the PS2 mouse and keyboard coonectors have now "disappeared"?

Any ideas would be very it the CPU?.. even if it's to say ... the motherboard should be sent back as it is obviously faulty... or is it something else?
I should also say that this is not the first system I have built... in fact I've had to put the old sytem back together to be able to do this message....
Thanks in advance..
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  1. is the bios SCSI?

    try to use USB mouse and USB kb.

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  2. Sounds to me like the motherboard's faulty...honestly, I think very little of FIC. I've seen some pretty ugly failure rates on FIC products.


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  3. Don't just reboot.
    Try turning off, then on.

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  4. This is most likely the fault of the motherboard. I have seen it happen many times to PC-Chips motherboards but do not have enough experience with recent FIC motherboards to know how common the problem is with them.

    Back to you Tom...
  5. Motherboard, RMA the sonofabitch.

    If you can get a kg7 raid from abit, much nicer and more stable.

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  6. Oh and since you like northbridge fans so much, you will be delighted to hear the kg7 raid has one as well :-).

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  7. Is the supplier going to agree to that... plus, there's quite a cost difference between them.... and Tom's Guide thinks the AD11 is pretty good, .. actually I've had an FIC VA503+ for a couple of years now and never had problems at all.. with installation or running... they should at least exchange it shouldn't they.. assuming they find the same problems when they test it.. anyway.. the RAM is from them as is the CPU....
  8. I would personally, pay the difference, motherboards are a vital component, and I trust abit and asus.

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  9. asus mobo's have too many problams..i always prefer MSI, had the best expiriance with them.

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  10. crappy PSU added to the mix maybe?

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  11. Possible.

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  12. "Keyboard not found.... Press any key to continue..."

    Return the Mobo, and never-ever get another FIC, they suck, nuf said.
  13. LoL...i liek what u have in your quote there...LoL

    "Keyboard Not Found - Press Any Key To Continue"

    Oh Boy, that would make a great Sig.


    But yes, your Motherbaord is 100% Faulty...

    A Friend of mine had the EXACT same problem EXCEPT he was using USB Keyabord AND mouse.....actually come to think of it, it was a FC-PGA 370 FIC Board.......heh

    Get rid of it, BAD......BAD = NO GOOD
    dont want...

    Get the ASUS KT266A Board, very nice board also.....

    Good Luck...

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