Ways to access windows boot options for win 7 toshiba satellite

I vahe a toshiba lp645-s4059 model and it does load win 7 but when i try to get to bios setthing with ESC,F1,F2 and etc. it wont work and i don't have recory cd or anything else. I want to reset my user password but i can not boot from nowhere.
Please somebody help.Thank you
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  1. Make sure you press the BIOS access key at the right time (as soon as the Toshiba splash-screen appears with the key-press prompts at the bottom).
  2. click start > type msconfig > hit enter > click the boot tab

  3. Some older PC's access key for BIOS is actually f8 or f10. On my old Compaq laptop I use for watching videos on my TV for example it's f8. Try them all and sooner or later you'll figure out which one it's set to.
  4. Toshiba:

    BIOS = F10
    Boot device select = F9
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