Desktop display randomly getting smaller and moving to the upper left

Hi all.

I am hoping someone can shed some light on an issue I've been experiencing. I have scoured the web and have been unable to find much, if anything, in way of solutions.
All little difficult to describe, but I will include a pic as well as a visual.

We are using some Lenovo Q180's as media players for digital signage. For the most part they have all been working fine except for 2. Randomly, the signage presentation will re-size itself and move into the upper left corner. This happens randomly and not at the same times each day. They are hooked up to a LED tv via HDMI. I have tried switching the HDMI cables, ensuring all drivers are current and tried most all the basic troubleshooting.

A simple re-start will get everything back looking and running fine. Again, this is a digital signage application so we cannot tell if this has occurred until the client calls to let us know which is not good for us.

I do apologize if this is not too clear of a description. Please refer to the image for a visual. Also, please feel free to ask me any questions you think may help you.

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  1. my first thought is to adjust the desktop preferences, did they mention if it says "The color scheme has been changed to Windows Basic"? if the desktop exceeds the allocated memory, it switches it. if the program and graphics us up all the memory this happens some times. =( I would shut off aero, set the scheme to basic and shut off all needed services in administrative tools. examples : print spooler ect.

    check power options, make sure nothing is set to go to sleep, hibernate ect.
    double check the screen save settings.

    it might be a good idea to use task manager to run a script once a week to reboot the pc, like every sunday night. just make sure the app for the signage is in the startup folder.
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