Confused about 460m

Just bought and received this computer:

It says in the name, 460m. I looked it up, it's supposed to be a high end Nvidia laptop GPU. This is what I thought when purchasing it. However now, I realize the computer has integrated graphics and nothing inside it from Nvidia. It says the i5 processor inside it is called the 460m.

I'm confused, is there a cpu and gpu called the 460m? Was I crazy to think it was the Nvidia card? Is the 460m really the name of the i5?
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  1. Hello enkichild

    Intel Core i5 460M is the CPU and Nvidia GTX 460M is the graphics card.

    Your ASUS U52F-BBL9 Notebook does have the integrated Intel HD Graphics for it's GPU.
  2. There was a ASUS G53JW-SX052D that had both the I5-460M and GTX 460M but it cost a bit above $1000.
  3. Your laptop doesn't have high end nvidia graphics, it has integrated Intel graphics.
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