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About 2 weeks ago my computer started experiencing some technical difficulties when the video card went out. The screen began to be cut up by 3 discolored bars running vertically spread out across the screen. Realizing this was a video card issue i went out and bought a new Nvidia Geforce 640 and replacing the old obsolete one.

While looking for instructions online on how to properly install the new driver, i came across one that said to use this driver sweep program to wipe the driver from the system then restart and install the new software. upon using the program however i might have cleared another driver accidentally in the process. it was abbreviated ATG or something along those lines.

When i finally physically installed the driver upon restart the video problems were all fixed and the graphics were back to normal. However,
after bios i get a quick detecting arrays error that flashes for a fraction of a second ( i had to record it and pause it off my iphone to read the array error) and the computer automatically reboots upon getting to the windows 7 logo.

Since then i have done everything i could to try and fix the error.

1. I've reset the BIOS
2. I've tried windows repair, and system restore, both which didn't work.
3. Used the windows 7 disk to try its repair options and nothing
4. Used the command prompt to use bootmgr, chkdsk /f /x /r, and diskpart (drive is listed)
5. Used a rescue cd to run disnostics and virus scans both of which came up negative.
6. All memory disgnostics on drive have come back healthy with no errors
7. Tried a different SATA cable

What i do know: in the command prompt it reads disk is write-protected

I have a 5 year old dell xps with a dual core processor. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. The term "array" generally refers to multiple hard drives in a RAID system that are configured to act like a single drive. This can be done via software and/or hardware.

    Do you have multiple hard drives installed in your computer? And can you post a picture of the error?
  2. Darn you beat me, it does sound like you have what we call a raid 0 array set up there like
    RoninTexas says, so you may of like he says of taken out the software driver to deal with Raid in windows.
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