URGENT Satellite Pro L650 vs Inspiron n5010

hi all
time has come up and i have to choose beetwen these 2 laptops

Satellite Pro L650 and Dell inspiron n5010
The problem is i didn't see them in real life next to each other an its a pain to choose.
I have seen Dell 5010 and its a bit thick and plasric feeling.
Dont know about toshiba.

Both same spec as follows.

Toshiba i3 cpu 350M
Dell i3 cpu 380M
2gb ddr3 ram
320 hdd
Toshiba is ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 5650 1GB supporting HyperMemory™ technology

Both used and Toshiba is 270 and dell is 299pounds

Thanks :love:
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  1. Hello Neverdie;

    As you point out the difference between then is the graphics card.
    ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 review
    ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 review

    If you plan on doing a little gaming on the laptop the HD 5650 is a nice bonus and probably worth the extra 30 quid.
  2. Toshiba Satellite Pro L650 Series reviews also a bit thick and plasticy.

    Dell Inspiron 15R N5010 notebook review

    If you're interested in gaming I think the Toshiba is a the best choice.
    Otherwise it's a fairly safe bet to go with the less expensive option.
  3. Thanks.
    and im thinking of upgrading it to i7 and max 8gb ram and a 320 hdd 7500rpm
    seen some i7 cpu's on ebay going cheap.
  4. yeah but the dell feels like its empty as well.
  5. Upgrading a laptop? Hmmmmmmm.... not always a good idea and never easy to do.
    Got a link to the i7 CPU on ebay?
  6. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Intel-Core-i7-720QM-SLBLY-Processor-6M-Cache-1-60GHz-/170648513753?pt=UK_Motherboards_CPUs&hash=item27bb71acd9
    here .
    i saw that the dell has a version whit this in it.
    i didnt find same for toshiba but il try if not il go for i5
  7. Going from an i3 to i5 is like a side-ways upgrade. It's not a big enough upgrade to make a difference. Not recommended.
  8. £120 for the Core i7 720QM CPU upgrade, plus another £50 for the RAM and HDD?

    What kind of laptop can you get for £450 that you don't need to take apart, make changes and hope you can get it back together in working order?
  9. CPU cooling requirement:
    Core i7 720QM CPU = Max TDP 45 W
    Core i3 380M CPU = Max TDP 35 W

    I can't say for certain the Inspiron n5010 will have the CPU cooling capacity to handle the hotter quad core CPU.
  10. Whats the difference beetwen a toshiba satellite and a toshiba satellite pro?

    found something smilar to the toshiba here brand new unused for 299 and the onluy thing is :

    its not pro and graphics card is ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5145 Graphics Card with HyperMemory technology and 512 MB dedicated VRAM

    and it has 12 month warranty as well.
    Manufacturer sealed box


    Ps: you think the toshiba will handle the cooling for the i7?
  11. and this one i7-620M is 35W
  12. i7-620M dual core CPU is also a sideways upgrade. Waste of money.

    What are you on about? Why this talk of a CPU upgrade?
    Why not get the CPU included in the price without you having to open up the case and void any warranty you might have.
  13. im tight on the money at the moment
  14. What I meant......is why isn't the basic i3-380M CPU enough for you?
  15. If money is that tight....why are you even thinking of paying extra for something you don't need?
  16. I need a good laptop cos I do web design in the uk and I need to travel a lot cos I rent a place. I need a good laptop to work ok and to be really fast. I was going for a xps 17 around 900 pounds but. I gonna work away from my rented room a while and can't be bothered to pack my i7pc whit me. I was just thinking about upgrading the laptop and don't care to much about it and be really strong for now. All this is money paid by the comPany for who I work for the next 2-3months. Just temporary fun :d after that just flag it on eBay and that's it.
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