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Hello All,

I am a new Laptop user , i have soni vaio eb24en , which comes with winodws 7, and only defaul setting contents
only one partition i e c:\ Can any one suggest me how I can make more partitions.

And where I can find the motherboard and other driver as we install chipset driver on normal installation procedures.


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  1. Hello sachin_24;

    The Sony drivers will be on the .... Sony website.
    If you're installing Win7 with SP1 there's a very good chance they're already included in the driver collection on the install disk.

    Also if you're doing an install the 'advanced' options usually give you a chance to create a new partition and format it prior to the OS install.

    If you want to create a new partition from the current laptop OS Windows 7 has a built in utility to partition a hard drive. You can read about it here:
    How To Create A Partition In Windows 7
  2. If you want a bit more control over your partitions you get some very good utility programs:
    Partition Wizard Home Edition or
    Easeus Partition Master Home Edition
  3. +1 for Easeus. Completely replaces Partition Magic for home use.
  4. I use Easeus myself.
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