Please help choose a new computer.

Im going to buy a new computer. Since p4'z are too expensive, im thinking about amdXP.
I dont know much about amd, cause i have a pIII and never had an amd comp. I live in canada and this is the only (very famous) shop around here:$/frameset.htm

Click on <systems> on the right frame.

Please tell me if this computer ( DDR-AMD-Edge ) is good with the fastest amdXP processer. ****Is the mobo good to overclock?****
I dont know $hit about mobos.
If it is not a good mobo, could you check on the right frame for <motherboards> and tell me which is the best in that shop?

minus the geeforce2 and add the 8500 ;^)
remember, the prices are in CDn dollarz. and im gonna buy only from this place.

Thanks. I appreciate any suggestions.
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  1. The xp cpu's are locked, but can be unlocked with glue and conductive ink. I wouldn't try it unless you are experienced. The athlon 1.2-1.4 are mostly unlocked, which means that you can change the multiplier if your mobo supports it. I use the shuttle ak31 version 3.1, and it is very overclocker friendly. Has everything but raid. Priced at $85-90 in the states. Lots of info in anandtech official ak31 thread, if interested or in this forum. Asus a7v 266 e is out with the kt266a chipset for about $175 (US). I use onboard sound to reduce some of the potential via problems.
  2. huh?
    no they are not unlocked!
    you have to pay extra to AXIA!

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  3. It has three different motherboards listed, and they're all good ones.

    You could definitely save some money and get better components if you built it yourself, though.

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  4. AMD XP's blow the P4 away trusnoop

    look at reviews on the AMD Athlon XP Processor, very good.

    Good choice with Radeon 8500

    For Motherbaord, personally I would say the ABIT KG7 RAID is the ATMOST BEST AMD Board there...
    "KG7-Raid (Socket A) AMD76x , 2x ATA100-Raid, FSB266, 3DDR/6P/AGP4x, PC2100/266 $240"
    Not bad price either.....

    BTW I'm also from Canada, Toronto Area actually......check out AND they are local Toronto places which are REALLY GOOD which also you can order online and ahve them deliver to you, I've baught everything I have from

    Check it out, comapre prices etc.

    Good Luck and have fun witht he new system...

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  5. I have a Gigabyte board, and like it, but the Abit board has been a favorite by many people here.

    Get an XP 1600+ min. the 1500+ is about the same as the t-bird 1.4. If you want to overclock it however, you are best building it yourself, getting a good airflow case and a good heatsink. Or perhaps a water cooled case.

    I like the Radeon 8500, I'm getting one to replace my faulty Radeon AiW. Sound blaster Live is good, but I'd get the audigy for just a bit more. DVD drives are about the same, I like the Panasonic 116 personaly though. The 3 Com card is good, and most 56K modems are about equal, though you can drop that if you don't need one with a high speed connection.

    As for HDs, that's a personal choice. However, you can probably build this system for under $1300 with an xp 1800+ if you don't do raid, and get a better system.

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  6. LoveGuRu, the Athlon Thunderbirds were all unlocked. It is the AthlonXP's and MP's that are locked.

    :tongue: Have you ever tried cooking an egg on your HSF? Tasty. :tongue:
  7. Not true. At the end, they were all unlocked. But not all of them were.

    The batch code (AXIA) had nothing to do with being locked/unlocked.

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  8. How about to buy parts from US?

    I think it is cheaper since you dont have to pay any taxes
  9. boo! (infonec) :) if you're in Toronto, then you've got to go to ICCT, man. they almost always have the cheapest prices for computer parts.

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  10. Thanks guys, I'll let u know when I get it.
    Its actually for my friend, he knows nothing about computers. I dont know in-depth details about AMD so i asked u.
    <<<<<<<I'm still not sure about the motherboard. Any light (help) there would be good.>>>>>>

    Thanks, i'll let u know when I set up the comp for him.
  11. I Already knew about ICCT, BUT ive heard horroer stories about them getting crappy batches or parts, returns galore over there AND i heard that they buy there stuff from US Distributors which is illegal/Bad Business here. To sell computer stuff in any country really, or I should say, to own a computer store, you HAVE to buy from Local Government AWARE Distributors, so basically you have to buy from a Canadian Authorized Distributor....

    Ahh well, I dont care what distributor it coems from but I like not havign to worry about returning my brand new parts...

    And yes, Toronto... =)
    Premier Computer Canada their called, I find them to be much better than Infonec...


    -MeTaL RoCkEr
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