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Pinnacle studio 11 Plus and windows 7

Is there any way I can use my Pinnacle Studio version 11 with Windows 7. I've purchased the latest Pinnacle version 16 Ultimate and hate it!!! I want to go back to my Studio 11 plus. Is this possible with my new Windows 7 operation system?
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    This may help answer your question:
    "My Studio plus version 11 also would not work (open) in Windows 7. Tried this and it worked. Give it a try....go to control panel, trouble shooting then Programs (run programs made for previous versions of windows). It gives you a list of programs, find Studio and try the settings made for Vista. There are a few different options, this one seemed to work for me. Good Luck."
  2. Ken, you may have saved the day. Thanks so much for your prompt attention to my very frustrating problem. I'll definitely give your method a go. Cheers and thanks again.
  3. Good luck, I hope that works for you.
  4. Me too!!! Will give it a go shortly. Thanks again Ken. Cheers from 'down under'.
  5. Yeah!!!!! It works. Thanks again Ken for your expert advice.
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