What's all the fuss about?

Hey, what's all the fuss about, with this AMD thermal protection thing, and Tom's tests running Athlons without heatsinks? Like it's something new. Everyone knew long ago that running a Thunderbird without a heatsink is not the brightest idea. Now, Palominos are actually cooler than Thunderbirds. Why all the noise now?

But most of all, the point is moot. No one in their right mind is gonna run a CPU without heatsink. So why even run such tests that only belong in the realm of imagination? :)

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  1. Nobody in their right mind would run this pc with the heatsink off their processor. The thermal diode is just a precautionary measure, for instance if a newbie was building their first system and they didn't not know how to properly connect the heatsink/fan to the cpu, or if in some bizarre accident the heatsink came off. It's like airbags in cars, they are not expecting you to crash it's just there to protect you in case you do.

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  2. ya, but look at all the problems air bags caused. too much pressure, to high of temperatures. i still wouldn't want a car with an airbag. if the seatbelt isn't enough to keep me there, well guess it was my time to go
  3. Airbag saved my life. I'm a fan. It was a dual thing really. If I didn't have an airbag I would have broken my neck, and if I didn't have a seatbelt on I would have lost my head.

    Anyways, I don't understand all the fuss either. What is the point of running a test when the computer isn't meant to be on without a heatsink? People should just be aware that if they move the computer they should check to make sure it's mounted properly. If anything they should make the mounting mechanism better and get rid of the HSF's with only one clip. People who can't mount a HSF shouldn't be doing it anyways. I learned by watching someone do it first and then I copied. I didn't just jump in blindly, burn up the computer, and bitch about it.

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  4. I should add this though. Everytime we build a machine we DO run the risk of burning up a cpu. It is a reality, although an extremely small one if you know what you're doing (it's just bad luck really). HOWEVER, even if I burn up a number of cpus it's still cheaper than buying a pc from a retail outlet or an OEM.

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  5. true...
    i suppose it comes down to low % chance your gonna crack the core or the HSF falls of compared to the 100 % chance you will have to pay more for a pentium4.

    somepeople will think paying more is worth it. other not.
    both are right.

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