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I have a hardware problem. I have been working on my brother's Acer Aspire 6930 laptop (he had multiple issues). I disconnected the fingerprint reader inside.

However, when I went to reconnect the finger print reader, the short ribbon, (not the longer two that are side by side), I ran into a problem.

The fingerprint reader cable itself is not broken. However, the securing latch on the board to which it connects is broken. I do not want to take this thing apart again until I am ready to fix what is broken. Does anyone know which board the fingerprint reader connects to and if the latch is broken, do I replace the entire board?


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  1. That's a hard question to answer.

    If your fingerprint reader is now working, maybe you can just crazy glue the part in place.

    If it's under Warranty you can return it, but don't admit you opened it up as that might void the Warranty.

    As for part replacement, you can often find an exploded view parts list from manufacturers web sites, but then you'd have to order the part and they tend to be expensive. If it can be glued in place and works, I'd go that way.
  2. Do you mean put glue on the end of the connector before inserting?

    Or glue it to the board to be sure it's working? Because gluing the end of the connector seems as if it would damage the connection.

    I tried using scotch tape and it did make the orange light go out, but the touchpad still did not work.

    It is still not working. I may have to just tell my brother to get a usb mouse.
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