Which one is better kvr333x64sc25/512 or kvr333so/512

I will be the first one to admit that I may not know what I'm doing, however, I just took out a Kingston part, 1 memory stick KVR333x64SC25/512 from my Amrel RT-786EX Rocky II and and replaced it with 2 KVR333SO/512 Kingston Sticks. What advantage is gained or lost by doing this? I just saw 2 places where momory could go and wanted to increase memory and it seems that Ihave just the same with 2 sticks as I did with 1 that I took out??? Where did I go wrong?
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  1. Both are DDR 333 (PC 2700), CAS 2.5, 2.5volt memory sticks.

    Run CPU-z and see if it reports 1GB of RAM now installed.
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