Toshiba satellite pro L450D-12X screen stays black

Could someone please help if possible my other half has a fairly new laptop as above the kids were using it and she got it back broken, the front left touch pad button was loose and when the laptop is switched on the fan starts up briefly the green power light comes on the green plug in indicator comes on the battery light comes on orange i think because it is charging but the light at the far right do not come on one is the hard drive light the other im not sure and of course the far left light does not come on as this is the wireless light but apart from that it is basically dead ive tried the old take the battery out hold down pwr button switch on routine to no avail,ive also checked the ram is inserted the hard drive is inserted and what i believe to be the wireless card inserted on the offchance but again no luck, i have a sneaky feeling it could be the hard drive as the kids were the last ones to use it and it is possible that it has been dropped but im unsure i would be so grateful if someone has had this problem or knows how to fix it or what it is.

p.s. sorry if i have not been clear so apart from the lights as mentioned above, nothing the screen stays black ,but fan starts.

Thank you in advance

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  1. Hello fozzy_12;

    Do you still have the Toshiba Recovery DVD that came with the laptop?
    Satellite Pro L450D-12X specs

    If not you can build a bootable Rescue CD.
    Ubuntu Rescue Remix Version 10.10
    Download the .iso image. Burn the .iso image to a CD and use it to try and boot.
    That should let you know if it's just the hard disk or maybe something a bit more involved.
  2. Thanks wr2 i will try a recovery disk and get back to you.

  3. hi wr2 ive tried the disk but with no results the disk drive works but the harddrive light did not come on or make a noise any other suggestions.

    Thank you in advance

    fozzy_12 ;)
  4. Hi,

    Most laptops allow you to remove the hard drive yourself.

    I would suggest removing the hard drive & try to power the laptop up without the hard drive in it to see if you get any output on screen.

    Might be worth looking on the web to see if you can work out how to remove the hard drive.
    Or post make & model of laptop & see if anyone on here can help.
    Normally undo 1 screw & pull it out to the side, but this does vary on make & model.

    As you say, it does sound like it has been subjected to shock damage.
    Is there any signs of cosmetic damage like scratches ot scuffs etc?

    Next time she lends it to the kids, get her to back her stuff up on to a USB flash drive or something first.
  5. Hi there sorry ive taken so long to get back to you ,ive tried taking out the hardrive and still nothing as usual there is power and the disc drive works but nothing on the screen do you think it is the harddrive or something else.

    Thankyou in advance

  6. i need help 2. i just re-installed windows 7 due to how slow my laptop was and it was working fine. i had just got it fixed i'd say 2 or 3 weeks ago. so me and my mum had to go somewhere so i turned of the laptop by pressing start>shutdown and it did. and in my head i thought why dont i check to see if its working i did and it booted up but when it said STARTING WINDOWS i was like ok then its working then i turned it off with my finger. and i turned it back on again and no screen was there but the fan and all the lights were on except there is a light that tells me the screen is on and it looks like a a cup but it didn't blink so what should i do. its like the 5th time my laptop has broken. Please help me. :ange: i dont want to keep braking it it was an acceding . every other time i use my hand to turn it off its fine but now i dont know what to do :(
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