Sony Laptop Bogging down and running hot


I own a Sony VAIO PCG-8114L with Windows 7.

This is a I7 Quad core (1.73ghz) laptop with 4 Gigs of ram, a dedicated Nvidia GT 425M video card and a newly installed Crucial M4 SSD drive (256gb).

Prior to the installation of the new drive, the laptop would constantly run hot and bog down as if it were running full blast even while running the most basic of applications. Just recently I've installed the SSD drive thinking that maybe the drive that came with the laptop was nearing the end of its service life. However the system still bogs down and runs hot without any indication of what the cause maybe.

So far I've attempted the following:

-Windows system file checker
-Microsoft Security Essentials (complete scan)
-Malwarebytes (complete scan)
-Advanced System Care (complete scan)
-Avast (complete scan)
-Windows "Fix It" tool
-Windows Check-disk
-Removed all software that I didn't need

Any ideas on what I can check next ?

Thank you in advance!

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  1. Just reinstalled windows 7 and still having issues.... Anyone know whats going on ?
  2. 4DC_Resin_Smoker said:
    Just reinstalled windows 7 and still having issues.... Anyone know whats going on ?

    Download GPU-Z, or HWInfo, to see what the temps are on your card. Usually if you've reinstalled Windows and the issue remains its something deeper in the system. Almost sounds like you may have something spiking out of control (Hardware wise) and stopping the system.
  3. Saw the GPU hit 85C on GPU-Z !
  4. Max was 93C.... fan is working and I can feel hot air being blown but it doesnt make sense why this is running so hot.
  5. Here is a pastebin of the card stats:
  6. So long as I dont run the laptop hard all is well.... once I run a game or a video it starts to over heat.
  7. Cleaning out the insides of the laptop and appling new thermal compound to the CPU and GPU sinks made a 20-25c difference!
  8. Good to hear! Sometimes it can be something as simple as either not enough or none at all on the thermal paste.
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