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I have a Inspiron 1720 and i have a unknown device under usb and i have nothing plugged into usb, and when i do plug something it< it will not see anything there, inless i disable intel(r) ich8 family usb universal hot controller - 2835 then the unknown deivce goes away, but only one set of the 3 sets work, and it does that in windows vista, and windows 7 i have did fresh install 8 times with windows 7 pro, and 3 times with vista, i have install every driver from the web site and all, and i get Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43) and hard ware id is USB\UNKNOWN which don't make no sence o me atg all, i have been building and repairing computers for 10 years, and never seen then, i have took this thing apart and all to see if there was any signs or anything also..and nothing i so lost, please help thanks for looking at this and if you can help thanks even more
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  1. Have you tried reinstalling the chipset? A chipset reinstall will sometimes reset the USB controllers. It's worth a shot, as it will not hurt anything to update the chipset.
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