Zoom V92 modem - Hardware or winmodem?

I am looking to update a modem in a old Compaq PC for a friend. It's a old Presario with 24megs of memory and a P200MMX chip.

Currently it has a 33.6 modem in it and he wants to update it to a 56K modem. Now, I have great luck with Lucent Winmodems (I use an Actiontec V90 with the V92 sys files to get V92 out of it); but I am concerned because of the archaic specs.

I then was browsing and I spotted on <A HREF="http://www.bestbuy.com" target="_new">Best Buy </A> that the Zoom V92 model 3025 is a hardware modem (it uses the MARS chip).

Is this correct, is it a hardware modem?

I question this only because I know that my winmodem uses the same drivers as the Zoom V92 modem, but mine is a winmodem.

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  1. thats a good choice but i use a modemblaster for creative labs in my compaq
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