Future of P4 look promising...

according to this link
quite a few motherboard will be using SIS chipset for P4.. and most notably ASUS and MSI and as the initial previews of the chipset were quite promising i think with the tweaking of the ASUS their motherboard will be quite overclocker friendly and better performing... and the price (memory and motherboard) will be quite rite.. so the only overhead will be of the processor...
hoping to see these mother board soon on the market..
btw according to another news SIS will be producing Rambus based chipset for P4 .. i wander wot enhance feature they will be giving in it..
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  1. Hopefully northwood will be all that and repair the mistakes of the origional p4, but then again, the pricing could be an issue.

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  2. Mat you TOOK my words again!!
    [babble]I was going to say that and you must have known it because you said it![/babble]


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  3. ya, that's what i was wondering too in another post. if the top p4 came in at close to $600, whats a "potentially" better performing cpu with equal or higher clock going to come in at?
  4. It'll cost u an arm and a leg:)

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