Choppy video playback on windows 7

what is the cause for the choppy playback and the slow performance of any action taken in windows 7?
opening programs, scrolling down pages, any game, any flash video or application.
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  1. Windows 7 is usually very smooth and easy to work with so something else maybe going on.
    Possible causes: Low power CPU. Low installed amount of RAM. Unusually high number of programs/processes already running. Possibly incorrect video driver.
  2. Most probable reasons:
    [1] slow cpu
    [2] slow graphic card
    [3] inadequate RAM

    Does your pc satisly the min reqs of Win 7 32/64 bit OS?
  3. Make sure your video drivers are up-to-date... it sounds almost like they've been corrupted or even uninstalled.
  4. Open up device manager and check the properties of your disk drives to make sure they're running in DMA mode and not PIO mode.
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