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I have an IBM with a K-6 475 running at a bus speed of 95mhz. (This is the only K-6 I know of that was designed for the unusual 95mhz bus speed. Anyone know why AMD did that?) If I plug this K-6 475 processor into a Gateway that came with a K-6 400 (running at the usual 100mhz bus speed), will my K-6 475 then run at 500mhz? Alternatively, can I merely increase the bus speed of the IBM to 100 mhz to accomplish the same thing? I haven’t been able to find out whether or how that could be done, and I don’t know what kind of mobo it has. I intend to upgrade only one of the two old computers with a new mobo and K7 or XP processor with DDR, and am wondering which would be the best to leave as a K-6. Thanks for any advice anyone has.
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  1. The 333 was also avialable at 95MHz (and 66MHz as well), as was the 380. All will overclock to 100MHz FSB.

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  2. Between the IBM and the Gateway systems you have, which one has betetr hardware ?? Which has biggest/fastest Hard know what forget what I just said...

    Stick the AMD K6-2 475MHz Chip into the Gateway computer....put both Hard Drives in there and use the Best Video Card (Unless the IBM came with the Onboard Video card that they usually do) than use the Gateway's...the reason why I'm sayign use the Gateway is becasue you dotn have to owrry about using IBM upgrade the ram in an IBM Computer you need ram SPECIALLY Made for IBM's......i never understood it besides them ripping off people....
    So yes.....put all the best Hardware in the Gateway system.

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  3. yes you can run the 475 fine at 500 by just switching the FSB up to 100 MHz.

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  4. Thanks, increasing the FSB on the IBM sounds like the easiest approach. But (here is a dumb question) how do I get into the Bios to change the FSB? If this works then I would keep this IBM as the family email/school computer, and upgrade the Gateway's processor/motherboard/memory for AMD1700+ as our game computer. (The two computers have essentially the same hardware presently, but all our old emails and school work is on the IBM, so it is slightly preferred for the email/school role.)
  5. You really need to share with us what other componets are in each system to make a safe argument. chances are the gateway will be the best bet. I am guessing that the motherboard in the gateway is a MS-5185 ( you will have to look hard to find this but it is there). This is a pretty decent little motherboard made by microstar. Take a look too see and if it is I can give you a few pointers on this board.

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