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Disconnect wireless printer

I have a wireless printer which has been working fine. Now although everything is conected my printer has decided not to acknowledge it. I have to put the USB cable in to print. I have now uninstalled the printer ready to re-install it, but I don't know how to disconnect it from the internet. Help please! Thanks
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    Your wireless printer does not connect to the internet. It connects to your wireless router to become part of your local wireless network, that's all.

    Just go into your printer's wireless setup settings menu and remove the existing network connection if you want to start over from scratch.
  2. Hi, many thanks for your reply. Re router and not internet, it was just the way I wrote it, sorry, beginner stuff and all that, I do understand it is the router. However, I eventually found something on the printer that switched it off so uninstalled and reinstalled and is now fie again. Many thanks for your reply.
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