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Can I re-use my heatsink/fan from my Athlon 1400 on an XP1800? I am running at 125*F with my current heatsink which is why I'd like to re-use it.
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  1. Yes.
    But you'll have to remove all old thermal compound, from the bottom of the HSF, and apply new one. Otherwise you may not have proper contact btw. CPU and HSF.

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  2. He's right you can use it. I'd suggest the same, just get it off without scraping the heatsink if at all possible. Then clean the heatsink and apply arctic silver II if you can.

    Unlike tom's reporters (eh, tom ok'd the crap that was just written didn't he?) heatsinks are not a problem. ANY volcano V(1700+ AMD says), 6CU, 6CU+ and soon to be released Volcano7 will be TOTALLY fine with ALL CURRENT XP cpus. The 6's are both under $10 bucks too! LOL. For $20 more I can add ANY 80mm fan with an adapter for low noise good cooling. Add a noisy 60mm to any $10 volcano for total of $20 and have GREAT cooling for overclocking even. $50 is a HUGE exaggeration on THG's part. I could rattle off ten fan/heatsink combos that are all GREAT for under $25. OCZ Gladiator only goes for $18 and is quite suited for even an OVERCLOCKER. SEE www.dansdata.com for the largest heatsink comparison out there. THG is full of crap.
    If somebody feels the need to argue I'd be happy to post a bunch of sites that prove this point.

  3. yeah... that was a fine big of hokey-pokey on toms part.

    $50 U.S. for a cooler... yeah ok... i think ive seen a Alpha PAL 8045 for $50! and that alpha is one of those copper/aluminium 80mm square monsters!

    Is that a Northwoody in your pocket or are you just eXPited to see me?
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