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My Asus G51J runs Photoshop CS5 quite well but the 15" screen is not acceptable. Can anyone recommend a 17" or larger screen laptop with a high quality display. I cannot find an ips panel laptop or even a B+RGB like the Dell XPS 15. I am considering the Dell XPS 17 and the Alienware M17X R3 or the new M18X. Size and weight are not an issue btw.

Any thoughts or advice?


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  1. Hello akersc;

    HP Elitebook 8740w has an IPS panel option. They call it DreamColor2.
  2. It appears that the 8740w is being replaced by the 8760w. The 8760w has the latest generation intel chipset, which is a good thing, but the display is now a 17.3 1920x1080 panel. They still offer the dreamcolor option but I would have to wait and read some reviews to see if it is of the same quality as the old ips panel. I configured one on the HP web site and it came to over $4,000. It was not a high end configuration and I only listed a i7-2630m and a single 500 GB hard drive with a dvd/rw. I even dropped down to the lower end Nvidia graphics card.

    The dreamcolor panel is an additional $645 which I could live with but I could not justify $3400+ for the rest of the laptop.
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