HP Pavillion dv3 2111tx GPU overheat

I've been using the laptop for nearly two years. It started to heat up since the fan vents are clogged with dusts. So, i opened up the laptop and clean off the dust from the fan. I cleaned the old thermal compounds and reapplied the thermal compound. I turned on the laptop and it heats up and shutdown. I thought i applied the thermal compounds incorrectly so, i cleaned the old thermal compounds and applied the paste again. Now, the temperature of the components stay normal until i use things that use GPU such us adobe flash. It goes up to 100+ C and shutdown(60C on idle). So, i can't watch videos or use the GPU. How can i fix the GPU overheating issue?

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Spec of the Laptop :: Click Here
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  1. Hmm,ok
    I disable the hardware acceleration in flash and i can watch the videos. But, my computer shut down when playing dvd or cds. Then, i still want to know why does my GPU begins to heat up?
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