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About 3 weeks ago, my computer would not boot up anymore. My motherboard would boot up to an error message that told me to insert a floppy. I downloaded several BIOS versions for my motherboard, but they wouldn't update correctly. I thought that it was because my motherboard was messed up. I bought a new motherboard (by the way, I have a Athlon T-bird 750MHz), an ECS K7S5A. I plugged my old CPU and other components in, but nothing boots up at all. I hear the power turn on, the CPU fan starts spinning and I hear the hard drive working, but nothing pops up on the screen and I don't hear the computer actually doing anything. If it's actually the CPU that's broken, will the motherboard still boot up to at least the BIOS? Could it be possible that the computer doesn't boot up because it's actually the CPU and not the motherboard that's broken? If so, why did my old motherboard still boot up partially, whereas this new one doesn't do anything at all? -Thanks!
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  1. Try this:
    Disconnect all IDE/SCSI, and Floppy drives. Remove all add in PCI, ISA? devices except your video card and remove mainboard from case(probably a ground short, use nonconductive, nonstatic surface to test). With only RAM, CPU with HSF, Mainboard, power supply, keyboard, mouse, monitor, video card; try booting up the system from there.

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  2. I had an ecs board with the same issue, after 3 tried with 3 different boards I decided to get a kg7 raid instead.

    PS: your origional problem was not the mobo, it sounds like your harddrive died, and since you are using the same hdd it will likely not go away after the mobo swap.

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  3. I guess it would be possible to construct a motherboard chipset that communicates directly with the video card bios in case of a missing or malfunctional cpu. I don't know if this is being done on any MB today, but that *might* be possible.

    However it doesn't sound like that is what happened to your system. The response "insert a floppy" doesn't make sense. You would need a cpu to interpret the bootsector of the floppy. My guess is that the "BIOS memory" is broken (bad battery?) or - more likely - your PSU is smoked. The latter kind of happened to a friend of mine. His new athlon system worked fine for a couple of days and then... nothing. The harddrives didn't spin, the pcspeaker didn't beep. The only thing that separated his system from the sand it was made of was a shining green diode called power-on-led or something.

    That diode lied, because the solution was to buy a new power supply. Maybe that will cure your system? Theese kind of failures are the worst kind, because you have to invest in new hardware until you find the malfunctioning part.

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