Heads up on Dell's ongoing free xbox with select pc/laptop purchases

I've been playing around with getting the xps 15z as part of this offer. If you upgrade the warranties at all it is actually cheaper to go through an employee purchase program or go through any of there other offers and to just buy an xbox on your own. For the exact same build I found a $260 price increase to get my "free" xbox360
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  1. lol yeah for dell they make u get the student protection plan, but best buy or amazon seems pretty good, no bs. Best place to get it on amazon, its tax free and free shipping.
  2. HP offers better deals. If you go through the HP academy thing, you can get like 100 bucks off a laptop then get a free xbox 360 on top of that
  3. really ? i only got 36 off for the dv6t laptop
    also hp does not have a good deal. Seems like you can't add promo codes. I found a $200 off for this laptop and when i asked if i can use it with free xbox they said no
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