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I have a Gateway P 7805U. It came with a single 320GB HD. It came with Vista but I upgraded to 7. I want to install two 1 TB HDs set up as RAID 1. I was told by MS that I would not be able to transfer my OEM Vista to the new HD and that I would have to buy a full version of 7 to install on the new HDs. What is the difference between the system builder and the retail version of 7? Will I be able to to a full install with the system builder? What will I lose, if anything, by using the SB over the retail?
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  1. Think the MS person was confused. If you keep the same mobo and are just upgrading drives you can do a full install from your upgrade disk. You'll need the RAID drivers on a usb stick or CD/DVD and press F6 when prompted during Windows install.

    Here's the full install from upgrade article:
  2. If the motherboard didn't change, your current Win 7 disk will be fine with the new RAID. You don't need another license.
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