Picking out new laptop for $600-700

I'm helping my girlfriend pick out a new laptop to replace her 5-6 yr old hp. She is looking for something with good battery life, decent processing power and memory, good speakers, and 14" screen size. Price range of $600-700 (max 800). I was looking at the HP Envy 14 (mostly for myself) because it has good speakers, but the battery life is not very good, and she doesn't need discrete graphics (she only places Facebook games). Another laptop I had in mind (for myself) is the Thinkpad X220, which is light and has good performance, good build, and excellent battery life (albeit smaller screen). I have seen the x220 on sale for 700+

Do you guys have any other good suggestions?
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  1. if she liked hp, I'd say try that one again, but seeing how crappy hp website is I can't really offer anything.

    Lenovo is a great choice too, although have a look at idea pads, you can get similar hardware with a intel gpu plus they have nicer finish than think pads.

    if you still haven't found anything that fits have a look at Asus and Toshiba.
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