Can i use this mouse and keyboard on first boot up

I'm buying a new desktop and I am wondering if I can use this wireless keyboard and mouse during the first boot up (windows 7)

Keyboard and mouse:

All responses appreciated, thanks in advance.
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  1. My wireless keyboard and mouse doesn't work until Windows has loaded, and my PC is only 2 years old. Not surprising, since the wireless drivers are for Windows so they don't get loaded until Windows starts.

    My particular PC won't even let me into BIOS Setup or the Boot Menu even with a wired USB keyboard, I have to use a PS/2 one so I use a PS/2 one all the time now, with only the mouse being wireless.

    You will just have to try your wireless set and see if they work outside of Windows, but I doubt they will.
  2. Hello... locate a Local Computer recycler/Goodwill, etc... and get a USB/PS2 keyboard/mouse for cheap... Or borrow from a friend for your install.
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