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My windows 7, IE 8 is freezing, hanging quite a lot lately. It happens when I click on links in emails or go from one website to another while surfing. I have only email and a website page or pages open, so shouldn't be putting a lot of demand on memory. Do security settings cause this while checking security in the background before allowing page to come up. Often my mouse also freezes so I have to wait. When I start task manager (ctrl-alt-del), it reports all applications are running; however they are not.
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  1. IE is notoriously bad. try an alternate browser like chrome or firefox (i prefer chrome, but that's just me). if you still have the problem, obviously it wasn't IE's fault. If the problem goes away, then there's your answer.
  2. Why still IE8? At least go to IE9 but you will probably find an alternative an improvement.
  3. Thanks, mi1ez, I did mean I am running IE9 and as I recall I started having problems when it was upgraded from IE8 thru updates and I searched for options to return to 8. But that has been awhile and this is definitely a new problem with hanging and mouse freezing.
  4. Thanks, daswilhelm,
    I have tried firefox and chrome, but I have all my bookmarks and I am so used to IE, I feel that I am missing out using something else. I haven't figured out how to set up chrome text size, bookmarks, etc.
  5. there is a widget for windows 7 that tracks CPU and RAM usage keep IE in half screen and keep an eye on the wiget when it hangs and freezes and see if yor CPU or RAM is pegging and that will let you know if something is going on in the background. I have found malware a time or two this way.
  6. The freezing and hanging stopped--I hope--on its own. Windows just installed numerous updates so I wonder if it was asecurity issue. Thanks all of you who replied and tried to help.
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