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i was just wondering if i could use an old laptops (windows pre-installed) hard drive in a desktop PC.

im a bit of a noob and dont really understand the whole OEM deal with pre-installed windows on laptops.

i'm going to use the hard drive anyway as i need more storage in my build but would like to save a bit more by not having to buy windows again.

if windows would not work on the PC, could i just wipe the drive and use it as a normal one??

thanks for any answers :)
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  1. Windows won't start when it's moved to different hardware, and in any case, the factory pre-installed Windows cannot be transferred to another system as it is tied to that laptop forever. When that laptop "dies", the pre-installed Windows and it's Product Key dies with it. That's a condition of Microsoft's End-User Licence Agreement (EULA).

    Certainly you can re-format the drive and use it for storage purposes, there's no problem with that.
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