1029s dell projector cant find signal

Need help! I have a presentation tomorrow and can't get my projector to find signal for my dell inspiron. This has been working for well over a year and has now just started this today.
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  1. have you tried other projectors? is your laptop set to presentation mode?
    is the cable you are using to connect in working condition?
  2. Thanks for your help. I solved the problem and it wasn't the projector. Before dashing out to drop some cash on a new one I tried my old one on another laptop and it worked. The original computer was in presintation mode all the time. My cable was fine so I kept starting and restarting the original computer and it finaly connected. Just one of those quirky days I guess. Thanks for your help!
  3. sometimes it helps to turn the presentation mode on/off, instead of keeping it on all the time.

    alright, glad you've worked it out without any cash spendings
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