AMD=performance <-> Intel=stability

The german Site of THG mentioned this statement in the Review of the AthlonXP 1900+.
"AMD stands for performance and Intel for stability... The user has to choose what he preferres..." (taken and translated from the german articel)
So what do you say about the translation of this articel?
I thought Thomas Pabst was (is) a german ?!?
So what the [-peep-] is going on there?

What do you say?
I red the article on your site and couldn`t find such statement... Am I wrong?

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  1. I'm shocked ! Here is the german quote:

    " Damit liegt es letztendlich am mündigen Käufer die richtige Entscheidung zu treffen: Maximale Performance oder Stabilität."

    this is my translation:

    "Therefore the final decission is up to the educated consumer to make the right decission: maximum performance or stability"

    ?? come again ?? That claim is not backed by anything in that article ! this is pure FUD. So much for Toms objectivity.

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  2. " Damit liegt es letztendlich am mündigen Käufer die richtige Entscheidung zu treffen: Maximale Performance oder Stabilität."

    this is my translation

    "amd is like a porche with no brakes, runs fast but can control it and will burn you out. intel is like a corvette, maybe not as zippy as amd but it starts and goes pretty damn fast. and furthermore since i am speaking german, and no english speaking americans can hear me, i would like to say once and forall that i enjoy american cars over german bult ones"

    that's waht my 0 years of german class has allowed to me to interpret that quote to say.

    repeat after me, we are all individuals!
  3. instability??? what instability???
    only instability i experience is excessive overclocking, win2k driver issues and the odd buggy program.

    <--- running overclocked 1200C @ 1350@150 for as long as i want at 100% load.
    uses win2k hibernate mode, havnt rebooted for almost 3 weeks.

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  4. you go girl! :wink:

    well if luck is a lady, it explains why i have no luck :frown:
  5. ....................girl.................?

    OEMs selling "High End"PCs with integrated video will be forced into Q3tournaments using a TNT2M64!
  6. This thing is quite hard for AMD`s position in germany...

    First there was this fake video where THG burned AMD CPU`s while knowing that the mobo has no thermal protection function... and now... THIS [-peep-] comment of Mr.Völkel :(

    Could that be on an "independent" hardware test site? NO
    On an intel related Site? YES

    Therefore: I am waiting for an official excuse for that comment in the german article!!!

  7. you know that saying,sorry it's not the same when you can't see me swiveling my head and snapping my fingers while doing it.

    well if luck is a lady, it explains why i have no luck :frown:
  8. I don`t wanted you to say sorry ;)
    I am forcing that the german articel is "re- printed" !!!


  9. hehehe ok

    wish i could run my system 24/7...
    best ive been able to get so far is 4days, after which i needed to install some new drivers

    OEMs selling "High End"PCs with integrated video will be forced into Q3tournaments using a TNT2M64!
  10. Quote:
    So much for Toms objectivity.

    Tom rarely actualy writes the articles. Different people have different oppinions about the CPUs, because at times, performance is close, and they both have some strong points. If you have a problem with the objectivity, then talk about the actual writer.

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  11. I've had my Athlon system with Win XP running 4-6 weeks easy without any problems. Only rebooting to Windows ME to play some games here and there!
  12. Fake?? uh, no. your in denial.

    You scarafice more than stability buying AMD.

    "Tilt crew" wannabe leet huh? you have the technology to locate and download warez... GG
  13. Well, if FUGGER will vouge for tom, thats all I need to know where toms loyalty lies. ;-).

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  14. Hey,
    I didn`t post this topic to say: Tom is an unserious hardware tester...
    THG GERMANY should translate us-english articles correct and must not give articles a pro-Intel "taste" if the original article is objective! (or somelike says that AMD is better in performance... nothing else;)

    In the german forum of THG (I am german) all users are believing that things and believe that AMD has no stabile CPU`s. They say that that is the thing AMD has to give up competition against Intel and that Intel is great and so on...
    The stability probs of CPU`s made by AMD is fixed sins the generation of 386x CPU`s <-- I know that!
    This is making me sad... and angry... :|
    The author (or translater) of the article is Frank Völkel and THIS POSTING is against >his manipulation of objective hardware testing< !!! NOT against Tom himself...
    Tom is german and I hope he could manage this fault of the german THG! If you think that posting topics in this forum couldn`t help against this misere then I will logout and play Aquanox... (a very great underwater-shoot-`em-up) made in germany...
    btw: The game performes best with an AMD Athlon XP 1900+ ;)

  15. WOW! "HAMMER... herber Typ" we german`s would say!

    TiLtKrEw has nothing to do with this hole IT theme.
    BUT: TiLtKrEw is bitchy dope german hiphop KreW kickin your ass in every case...

    So answer to the topic or spam your mother!

  16. AMD has serious stability issues not including the thermal issues. drop into the motherboard section and click on a few topics, notice its AMD based machine with a problem. close your eyes and pick another, yep AMD with problem. now clock a random page, then a random link. yep its a AMD with a problem. I just checked MB section only 1 Intel question on page 1... go figure.

    BTW supergreg owns you.

    Da #1, download it and enjoy. be sure to play it constantly.
  17. oh man... if you are unable to setup an AMD system correctly then may god help you... or THG germany *rotfl*

    or buy an Intel "quality" CPU and get the 2GHz of power beaten by 1,5 GHz intelligence...

  18. check for bitchy dope tilt stylerz...
    and even if you don`t speak german enjoy the flava of german hiphop in every way =)

  19. If you can't install VIA's 4in1 drivers, how in the world can you post in this forum? And if VIA chipsets are faulty, is this AMDs fault?

    I built many AMD rigs, all of them are working perfectly stable.

    You don't need to be pissed off because your 450$ P4 was beaten by a 230$ Athlon XP. You have great stability, right?

    Sweat dreams TROLL!!!

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    Impressive CPU + House heater in one package. What do you need more?</font color=blue>
  20. AMD CPUs are not unstabvle. Some Athlon motherboards, just as some P3/Celeron/P4 motherboards are not as stable as others. Some are very stable. That is the ault of the motherboard manufacturers/chipsets, NOT the CPU.

    So don't confuse a system stability problem with an instable CPU. In allc ases so far, any instability problems have been determined to be motherboard or chipset issues....and most of those have easy workarounds if you are willing to look for them. This goes for both Intel and AMD platforms.


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  21. Beaten by what?? none of you girls have a system that even come close to outperforming me.

    BTW I didnt pay $450 for my CPU and im not pissed, quite happy actually with my $230 CPU. ooh I paid too much huh for a CPU that overclocks to 2.25Ghz?

    AMD has elected to put chipset manufacturing and QA off onto 3rd party. its AMD's fault for not setting better guidelines for products. so yes its AMD's fault.

    I doubt you can even build a rig, your pretty damn clueless.

    You can deny stability problems all you want. too many sources state otehrwise (including THG).
  22. Well he does have a point AMD has discontinued all of their chipset manufacturing so in theory if they cant get a hold of these shabby motherboard manufactures and tell them how the shits supposed to be then it is there fault. Need a good chipset to run a good CPU that’s why I am a 440 man till my Tully comes in.


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  23. Correct. It's the translator/Origional writer.

    Here's a question, was the article origionaly written in German or English? That might clue you in more about where the hardware people were leaning towards. If it was in german first, then the translator might have toned it down a bit. If it was written in english, the translator might have had something against AMD.

    Ultimately, the proof that I find that AMD is stable is not in what a reviewer says, but in what I find, and other real people find. My old PII system was moderately stable. My father's PIII System was moderately stable. My last Athlon(750 Slot A) was moderately stable, and my current Athlon XP system is the most stable system I've owned.

    I get a lot from the reviews on Tom's Hardware. I've found that they usually have done the most background research (Some Geforce TI release reviews I read didn't have the correct clock speed. Some not only had it wrong, but told you how they assumed it was wrong. Others have shown inacurate statements in the PR basis rating.) However, they are not my only resource, nor should anyone take one resource only as fact.

    Ultimately, I use the numbers to determine what I want and need. The reviewer's analysis could be bias, but numbers don't lie, especialy if several sites reproduce them.

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  24. Don't need one. Plenty of others with AthlonXP's already have. It's kind of telling that the AthlonXP claims the top spot, even at ~700MHz slower than a P4 2500GHz. :lol:

    Just because you repeat that "AMDs are unstable" over and over again, doesn't make it fact. Otherwise my god box would have crashed sometime in the past several months.

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  25. Quote:
    Beaten by what?? none of you girls have a system that even come close to outperforming me.

    What is your setup then Fugger?

    60 FPS, 70 FPS, 80 FPS Crash!
    Daylight comes and I have to go to work :frown:
  26. I don't think most amd users care about stability, since it seems most of them overclock their chips. Overclocking is never good for stability

    AMD = Anger Management Disorder
  27. Tom probably feels like he can be more open with his German counterparts.
    I am a system builder. As such I can make the following statements:
    ALL VIA chipsets have built in bugs that cause them to become unstable in certain hardware configurations.
    SiS never made a good chipset before the 735. The 735 is an extremely good chipset, which is why it's so unfortunate that the only company to use it so far in quantity is ECS, a company known for it's high defect rates (second only to PC chips).
    ALi has always been TWO generations behind in performance. the MAGiK 1 is a great stable chipset. Unfortunately, it's outperformed by the AMD 761, VIA KT266A, and SiS 735. Which means performance freaks either suffer the poor quality of the ECS motherboard or the poor quality of VIA chipset in order to gain their 10% performance increase.

    Back to you Tom...
  28. Fugger has some kind of refridgerated case with an overclocked p4@1.8ghz, he used to have a 1.5ghz@1.8ghz untill he bought a new chip to cover his ass when he lied about his systems power...oh, and he fried his videocard too lol.

    The thread all that happened on is called "my 3dmark 2001 score" and it is in the graphics forum probably 20 pages back, it is to this day the most viewed thread of all time on the forums with over 10000 views.

    PS: you really should read it, it is very enlightening in regards to fuggers character and the lengths he will go to to hide his lies.

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  29. I have never overclocked any Athlon processor I own, and Stability is quite important to me. Also, most overclockers I have seen here will only run on a stable system, one that can run for hours on end with no issues.

    However, you are correct in that overclocking will hurt stability, but that is with any chipset.

    Overclocking is less than 25% of the Personal PC market, and lies on both sides of the Intel/AMD debate. Your blanket generalization is very unfair Intel.

    60 FPS, 70 FPS, 80 FPS Crash!
    Daylight comes and I have to go to work :frown:
  30. Interesting. I'm flipping through it now, and it's long and slow, probably due to being archived.

    Interesting that he proves his clock speed in the first pic, not the resolution setup. That and how he just happens to round up an extra 150 in the initial post.

    Most people in this forum have positive and useful things to say. Fugger seems to need to prove he is superior by blasting people and trying to make them look inferior. If you want to earn respect, express your opinion and knowledge without trying to prove yourself as superior.

    60 FPS, 70 FPS, 80 FPS Crash!
    Daylight comes and I have to go to work :frown:
  31. American cars over any friggin cars is dumb, AMD is this AMD is that, Intel is this and Intel is that..we can go on forever..just let it be known that its fun watching the two compete and take the computer enthusiast's money
  32. after which i needed to install some new drivers

    The beauty of via chipset.

    Wisdom dont come with time
    Meilleur chance la prochaine fois
  33. mmmm

    is it just me or are there drivers for absolutely everything now???
    mobo's, graphics, sound, modems, mice, keyboards, usb, firewire, ide, monitors, cds, dvds...

    whatever happened to plug-and-pray...
    then again... maybe its good to have drivers lol

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  34. Wow, im surprised someone actually took the time to look up that thread from hell.

    Yeah, it is quite the read, the middle part where FUGGER gave us links to other people with setups and scores like his. I contacted the person he linked us to, and that person after reading the thread basically said FUGGER was full of [-peep-] lol.

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