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I am looking for an adapter that I can plug into the ethernet port of my Windows 7 laptop and then connect a powered USB hub to it (because I am told that ethernet port does not provide power) followed by connecting USB devices to the hub. Are there any adapters that can make this happen?

If you are wondering why I want such a connection, it is because I want the cables to run from the back of the laptop and not from the sides where the USB ports are located. The ethernet jack is at the back. If there are no such adapters, I welcome solutions for conencting USB devices without running cables from the sides of the laptop. Thanks.
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  1. may i suggest getting a wireless usb adapter or try getting devices with blue tooth?
    do you have an option of using a wireless router that has a usb port that you can connect the hub to if you need more usb devices?
  2. Thanks for responding. What kind of wireless usb adapter are you referring? A wireless usb hub? Can you link me to a model with usb 3.0?

    My wireless router doesn not have any usb port. Even if it had one, it won't help because the router is on the first floor of the home and I use the laptop on the second floor where all the usb peripherals - printer, usb hard drives, mouse connected to the laptop are.

    Because I have to connect my existing printer, usb hard drives, a mouse to my laptop, a bluetooth connection won't help.

    Since you did not mention about a ethernet male to usb female adapter, I guess that such a thing won't work. I actually found one on ebay, but not sure if it will do what I need.
  3. yeah the one you found could work, but as you can see it's only USB2.0 since ethernet is only 10/100mbs speed and usb3 can do 3gbs.

    wireless hub, something like this:

    are your HDDs usb 3.0? if not I think you can go with that ethernet jack you've found as for the mouse, if your laptop got blue tooth I'd recommend getting that. it's much easier that way.
  4. Thanks. My external hard drive is USB 2. So, the ethernet speed should be okay. But, the wireless USB hub you pointed may be a better solution, though more expensive. My laptop does have Bluetooth, but I am still looking for a full-size bluetooth mouse because the notebook mice are too small for me for prolonged use and stress up my hand after a while.
  5. I wanted to update about the ethernet male to usb female adapter that I found on ebay appears not to read or write data off a flash drive plugged into it. I asked the ebay merchant to check if it could and that is what he said. So, I saved myself a few dollars! I will probably go for the wireless hub after I find a USB 3.0 one.
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