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I cant install the newly released XP drivers for my Creative Audigy soundcard. I've been working with the win2K drivers under XP RC2 (build 2505) until now. They do work, but some of the additional applications dont really like XP, and either crash or have UI issues.

Now when I run the XP driver update, it keeps telling me I should first install the original (win2K ?) drivers from the Audigy CD (which I obviously did). Anyone got a clue ?

Besides, isnt it weird you first have to install "broken" drivers for XP, just to be able to update them afterwards ? And why on earth can I not download these drivers from their site; you *need* the CD. Is that a new strategy of some kind ?

I had exactly the same thing with my crappy Alcatel ADSL modem (USB speedtouch). THere is no way you can download the original drivers from the alcatel website. just upgrades that require the original CD (which I lost). That just plain sucks, and I really dont see any reason for this ? I bought the hardware, didnt I ? Do I now have to order a seperate CD with old drivers to get the hardware working ? crap ! Good thing a friend of mine still had his CD..

I just added Alcatel en Creative to my blacklist.

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  1. if you post this in the windows XP section and/or the audio card section im sure you will gett a better reply.

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  2. Did you try using "rollback"?

    My audigy gamer works great, I was on the original driver without any problems and upgraded to XP drivers a few nights ago. everything has been 100%

    Im running XP professional
  3. I fixed it... seems the problem was related to the prerelease status my XP copy. I just installed a fresh copy of the XP Pro retail version, and it seems to work just fine.

    I also agree its a nice card.. i just hope games will quickly take advantage of its possibilities..

    = The views stated herein are my personal views, and not necessarily the views of my wife. =
  4. Sometimes I wonder how many of the xp issues alot of people have been having are related to their hacked beta copies and whatnot. I have the pro final and it is nothing but smooth fast and stable.

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