Looking for non gaming laptop

Budget: 600-750 euro (i'm not 100% sure on how much i'm willing to spend). The Cheaper the better.

Size of the notebook: 14' or 15' screen.

Battery life: Nothing too crazy maybe 5-6 hours.

CPU: Very interested in getting a new core i5.

Ram: 4 GB minimum.

Os: Win 7 64-bit.

Tasks: Mainly programming/development work. Would also like audio production. Do NOT need it for gaming.

Storage: 500 GB minimum.

DVD ROM/Writer: Yes.

Brands: No preference. Though my current HP over heats and has lots of memory leaks so maybe not a HP laptop. Lenovo laptops seem to have a very good price/performance ratio.

What country do you live in: Ireland.

Additional information: Would be really awesome to get a SSD but hopes aren't too high in finding one within my price range.
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  1. Hello mr_fruitbowl;

    Typically, Lenovo's have a good reputation.
    And it seem the model you found is well equpped and a good value

    Lenovo ThinkPad G570 review (slightly differently equipped model - like the Blu-Ray drive)
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