Athlon XP <> Athlon MP

Hey everyone !

I need a tech guru who can tell me the technical difference between the XP and the MP version of the Athlon.

Both have the Palomino Core.

Only the "package" is different and the identifier Register Setting.

But what stops me using two XPs in a dual system ?

What makes the MP more MultiProcessing than the XP ?

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  1. xp is for the single processing implementation. MP is made for multi processing implementation. Hence MP (multi processing) you don't need MP; get xp.

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  2. the MP has some of the Multi-processor syncing code enabled. Most XPs don't. Suposedly there were a few of the early XPs that did have it enabled.

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  3. Same internal core, but MP undergoes far more assurance testing before being certified as an MP chip.

    MP doesn't have L1 bridges cut, XP does.


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  4. Thanks for your help !

    Hmmm..I'm still wondering if AMD is making that all up to keep the price for MP CPUs high...

    At least with the L1 Bridge still connected it is easily overclockable. :)
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